About Us

ACE RF Comm Corp.  is a fast growing RF Microwave and Passive components product design & manufacturing company with sales, marketing, applications engineering and engineering consulting for customer’s own projects.
ACE RF Comm Corp.  has become a leading designer and manufacturer of reliable specification of Power Attenuators, Power Terminations, Power Dividers & Cavity Filters and cost effective Connectors, Adapters, and flexible & customized cable assemblies.

During these days of 5G application, Ace RF Comm is proudly offering a variety of 40GHz to 67GHz products, such as Power Attenuators & Power Terminations up to 67GHz, Power Dividers up to 50GHz, Coaxial connectors & Adaptors up to 67GHz and Cable Assembly up to 110GHz.
ACE RF Comm Corp.  also offers products labeled with a customer’s request private label. Please inform us that you would like to get our product as private labeling work. Then, Ace RF Comm will offer the right product with your own designed products.
No Minimum Order Quantity

You can work with Ace RF Comm from 1 pc of product.

 It is hard for customer to use any product until you can have a strong belief of quality and customer service. That is why Ace RF Comm can supply even 1 pc and Ace RF Comm make different with others.  You can start even 1 pc of goods for testing the product quality  performance and Ace RF Comm’s support.

Reliable Customer Service in
24 hours and 7 days a week

Ace RF Comm is always within your reach. 

If you would have any inquiry and question, Ace RF Comm can answer within 12 hours by email, phone, what app, skype or wechat. Please do not hesitate any of question, Ace RF Comm can assure you with reliable solution.

Fast Delivery

Is your project urgent? Please let us know! 

Ace RF Comm’s stock project and numerous lines of products

will be ready to be supplied to your company and warehouse

within 1~2 weeks. Our engineering and production team are

ready for your valuable orders.

Total solution for procurement
service of other products

Not only for RF Products, but Ace RF Comm support you also for

any other products that you are looking for. Please do not waste you  valuable time for searching every other product in Google or Alibaba. You can just ask Ace RF Comm for your interesting goods with your condition. You can get a solution within 12 hours.

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